Scott S Danzer

Scott Danzer serves as Vice President of PCI. His pratical expereince consists of over 30 years of "in the field" assignments which have provided him with a vast / diverse knowledge of construction execution.

Alice D Danzer

Alice Danzer serves as President of PCI, providing cost and document control services to customers.  

Our Mission

 Services that provide true benefits

As evident in the following customer testimonials

  • Bismark Construction - PCI’s professionalism and knowledge of building procedures required to build concise, detailed, and accurate construction schedules is second to none.  Their promptness in expediting update reports is crucial for fast tracked projects.  We can always count on PCI to perform when called upon.
  • Methuen Construction - On all past and present construction projects, the team at Project Controls, Inc. consistently delivers a high quality service on-time, within budget, which always exceeds expectations.  
  • Crowder Construction -Through open communication, applicable experience, and technical knowledge PCI will help you navigate the most complicated and demanding projects.
  • DEMLAW Firm - Project Controls has been the scheduler I've used on major projects for the last ten years. Their team of Construction professionals understand what drives a successful project and the schedules they helped build were essential tools I used to manage risks and opportunities. I especially appreciated their sense of urgency and timeliness. A great group to work with on sophisticated and complex construction challenges.
  • Maron Construction - We have worked with PCI for almost twenty years and their thorough understanding of the complexities of scheduling construction projects is unprecedented in the industry. Their ability to foresee the problems that can arise and thoroughly understand the uniqueness of each project has been a tremendous asset.
  • Callahan - We’ve been using PCI with great success for more than 10 years.  The PCI team does a great job of understanding the projects we build and offer us invaluable help in building baselines, updating monthly schedules, and providing help on claims and issues as needed. 

02. Dedicated Support 

We remain part of the project team either in a active or "back of house" role for as long as the customer requires support which sometimes requires a great deal of bandwidth to help the project complete successfully. 


03. Return on Investment 

In many assignments or support functions, the customer may experience impacts / delays with the execution of work and has paid for support through these periods. With our involvement the customer has been able to make decisions on correcting / medigating losses and/or assisted in final closeout utilizing the life cycle information supplied during the project.


Project Management Support

 Incorporated in 2001, Project Controls, Inc. is a Women owned company which offers solutions and systems to control your projects. Services can be provided to analyze and develop methods for tracking processes, costs, schedules, risks and damages.

Our services have benefited Architects, Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers.

​Our team provides support to Owners, Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors with establishing control tools to manage schedule and cost systems. Support services range from developing baseline set points to life cycle tools to develop & measure performance metrics.

About Us

National project management consulting firm

Project Controls, Inc.